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Get a Great Lawn with Yard Aeration from Fresh Cut Pros

Yard Aeration / Aerating Services


Illinois Get a Great Lawn with Yard Aeration from Fresh Cut Pros

Yard Aeration / Aerating Services


Lawn Aeration is the Best Kept Secret to a Great Lawn

Most people don’t realize how much core aeration can improve your lawn’s health by increasing its ability to absorb water and nutrients, which decreases runoff. This will help your lawns ability to withstand prolonged periods of drought and heat. When aerating, we pull plugs out of your soil, this will help loosen compacted soil which allows water and air to easily reach the roots of your turf. This will increase the health of your lawn while causing little stress to your roots.

When seeding your lawn we can start the seeding process from the very beginning or we can overseed on top of an existing lawn which will give it a thicker, and more even look. The optimal time for overseeding is right after aerating, and this will add a while new life to your yard. The summer heat can overheat and bake your lawn, making it very dry and patchy. Overseeding will help fill in these dry patches, making your grass for thick and even.

Yard Aeration Services Fresh Cut Lawn Care Professionals

Yard Aeration Services Fresh Cut Lawn Care Professionals

Aerating your lawn is most effective during the time when plats are most active and when the soil is moist enough to allow for deep penetration. This is usually in the spring and fall, when the temperatures are cool. This avoids bringing shock to your lawn.

It is especially vital to aerate in areas where the lawn is heavily compacted, like areas where children play or where there is heavy traffic. Aerating the soil can remedy these areas where the soil is heavily compacted. This service can also be done before overseeing or laying down new sod.

A few benefits of Aeration and Over seeding are:

  • Aeration loosens soil, reduces compaction – allows grass roots to reach deep for water.
  • Aeration penetrates soil allowing water, air and food to reach the roots and be absorbed.
  • Aeration enhances seed germination. Seeds germinate easily in aerator holes.
  • Over seeding introduces new grass seed to fill-in thin areas and thicken existing turf.
  • Over seeding builds resistance to insect damage and turf disease.
  • Aeration and over seeding reduce weeds which germinate in opportune weak areas so, a thick lawn is the best defense.
  • Aeration and over seeding improve the beauty and enjoyment of the lawn. 

Have Questions about Our Yard Aerating Services?

Spring and fall are the best time of year but fall beats out spring for one main reason. In the spring you cannot over seed if you (or your fertilization company) apply a pre-emergent.

No! The aerator tines only penates 3"-4" and all utilities are buried lower. If you do have a shallow or exposed cable (EG internet) please let us know.

Coated seed is a new technology out of the landscape industry that helps maximize each pound of seed for the best results by coated each tiny grass seed with essential micronutrients. These nutrients lead to faster, more even emergence; larger more vigorous seedlings; long roots with greater root mass; and better ability to cope with early season stress.

In addition to coated seed all of our aeration quotes are sent with optional stater fertilizer. This helps deliver macro nutrients to both the new seed and the established turf. Many contractors will not include this in their quote!


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