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Terms of Service

Fresh Cut Professionals Illinois

Terms of Service



Initial Visit:

Overgrown yards requiring multiple mowings during the first visit will incur a double charge.

Lawns over 12" require a brush mower, and an additional fee applies.


Minimum of four mowing services.

Cancellation before the completion of four services will result in a charge for the remaining, unperformed balance.

Pricing adjustments may occur based on service duration or economic factors.


Service agreements for lawn mowing are auto renewed annually.


Clients must remove personal items and pet waste from the turf on the service day.

Contractor is not responsible for trimming near siding, plants without mulched beds, or items that could be damaged by trimmers.

New plants in the lawn must be clearly marked.

Contractor is not responsible for damage to personal items left on or in the turf.

Service agreement covers the front, sides, and back of a typical property; unusual areas or special requests must be communicated, and pricing adjustments may apply (e.g., areas behind a fence across the street).

Gates should be left unlocked on the service day; if a gate is locked and access is denied, the full mow price will be charged without a return visit.


Clients must call 24 hours prior to their scheduled day if they do not want their lawn cut.

If the lawn tech arrives and you choose to skip services, you will be billed at full price to cover fixed cost and drive.

Skipping is not permitted from April 1 to May 31.

Landscape and Installation Projects Terms of Service


GUARANTEED! Be home at the end of the service to sign off that your expectations are met. We don't leave until a final walk-around is completed, and you sign off that you're happy with the service. If not home, you void the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" and any return visits will be charged at our hourly rate (MP).

Special notes and instructions from the estimate visit will be recorded for the team lead to see on their iPad, as well as a video on our private server for complex jobs or requests. Explain special requests, details, or areas of importance to the team lead. This, along with our notes and videos, ensures your expectations are met and exceeded.


Upon accepting the estimate, you'll receive a secure form to enter your debit or credit card number (No AmEx). The following day, a non-refundable deposit will be placed to save your spot on our schedule.


  • Under $1000, $100 deposit.
  • $1000-$5000, a 25% deposit.
  • Over $5000, 50% non-refundable deposit.

The remaining balance will be charged the day after the job is completed.

For check payments, 100% is due upon scheduling.

Disputes regarding billing must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the invoice date.

Change Order:

We'll notify you of essential changes to the price needed to perform the work as expected. We'll charge our hourly labor rate (MP), $200 per additional truckload of debris, and 25% plus the cost of any additional materials for services requested by the client that were not in the original quote.

This estimate only covers the services and items explicitly listed in the quote. Any additional work or items not included will not be performed unless mutually agreed upon and added to a revised estimate or contract.

The crew lead will handle all change orders, and the labor rate (MP) changes yearly.

Material Cost:

This is an estimate of predicted costs only. Our vendors no longer hold material costs on an annual basis. Material prices may be revised on the invoice based on our vendors' changing prices.

Plant variety substitutions may occur based on nursery availability, no refunds for substitutions.

All material sales are final. No returns, exchanges, or substitutions for installed products or materials. Verify the accuracy of all products or materials quoted above.


Price subject to change based on dig conditions. Newly installed plants require regular watering to establish roots. Failure to water as recommended voids any warranty.

Warranty: One year at 50% of the original price, contingent upon proper watering and care as instructed.

Watering instructions will be sent to you. Contact us and take pictures if there are any issues.


Warranty: 15-day Green Guarantee. With daily watering, we guarantee your sod will be green within the first 15 days after installation. If not, we'll cover all replacement costs. Failure to water voids all warranty. Improper watering results in dead sod, which won't be covered by the contractor.

Automated watering instructions will be sent to you. Contact us and take pictures if there are any issues.

General Provisions:

Governing Law:

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.

Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes arising out of or related to these terms shall be resolved through mediation first. If mediation is unsuccessful, disputes shall be resolved through binding arbitration in Illinois.


If any provision of these terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

Entire Agreement:

These terms constitute the entire agreement between the client and the contractor and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether oral or written.


Effective communication is essential. If there are any unforeseen issues or complications during the project, please communicate with us promptly to address and resolve them.


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