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Lawn Seeding/Fertilizing Fresh Cut Professionals Illinois

Lawn Seeding & Fertilizing Services


Lawn Seeding/FertilizingFresh Cut Professionals Illinois

Lawn Seeding & Fertilizing Services


Professional Lawn Fertilization & Seeding

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When seeding your lawn we can start the seeding process from the very beginning or we can overseed on top of an existing lawn which will give it a thicker, and more even look. The optimal time for overseeding is right after aerating, and this will add a while new life to your yard. The summer heat can overheat and bake your lawn, making it very dry and patchy. Overseeding will help fill in these dry patches, making your grass for thick and even.

Lawn Seeding and Fertilization Services Fresh Cut Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn Seeding and Fertilization Services Fresh Cut Lawn Care Professionals

Fertilization provides your lawn rich support that is needed for it to reach its full potential. Without the proper fertilizer and fertilizer application, your lawn can have a very difficult time reaching its optimal growth and health. Fertilizer is a way to enrich the soil of your lawn with organic matter to provide nutritional elements to your lawn to help it grow properly. Fertilizer is made of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash, and all in different ratios depending on the specific fertilizer. Some lawns may need more nitrogen than others.

Because of all of these variables, it is very important to hire someone that has the knowledge to know what specific fertilizer will yield the best results for your lawn. Our team knows the right recommendations to give and they know how to properly apply to fertilizer to obtain the best results possible.


Fertilizer Service FAQs

Fresh Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control Package

Granular or liquid?

  • Application methods can vary depending on each lawn's needs and/or weather conditions
  • Both granular and liquid fertilizer are effective
  • Granular is absorbed slower and tends to promote root growth, while liquid is absorbed very quickly and tends to promote top growth
  • During summer, granular fertilizer is used instead of liquid to protect against burning and feed roots (even during dormancy)

Safety of products?

  • Not all applications have pesticides, which are regarded as more dangerous than fertilizers.
  • Granular applications fall to the soil and the lawn is safe to walk on shortly after application.
  • Liquid applications only need to dry (time depends on weather, typically 1 hour) before its safe for traffic
  • Once dry our products are safe for your pet too. Even if small amounts of fertilized grass are ingested symptoms are rare.

How often do we apply?

  • Approximately every 5-7 weeks (about 1 and a half months)
  • Delays between applications may be longer or short depending on weather and the products being used


  • Watering is recommended after a granular application to quickly activate the products.
  • Avoid watering for 24 hours after a liquid application has been applied

Do we control weedy grass?

  • Our fertilizer program controls crabgrass and other annual grasses
  • The first application controls annual grasses by applying a pre-emergent product that inhibits which seed from germinating. This will only control future germination, not weed that are already at work below the soil
  • We can NOT control perennial weedy grasses (quack grass, bent grass). There is not an available selective control of perennial grasses.

Grub Control

When do I need grub control?

  • We only recommend grub control when grubs are present and causing damage
  • Some grub activity is normal if no damage is occurring, this is called the economic threshold Level (ETL)
  • Treating pests below the ETL can cause resistance and other undesirable effects

Perimeter Pest Control

What is involved in the service?

  • Application of a long-lasting insect killer to the foundation, three feet up and out, windowsills, door frames, and other openings in the home.
  • Creates a barrier that kills insects on contact
  • Effective for up to 4-6 and applied with each fertilization application

Is the product safe?

  • Safe enough to be used in products advertised for indoor use and pet bedding.
  • Please wait until it is dry before contact with treated areas

Mosquito Fogging

What is involved in the service? 

  • Fogging the underside of foliage of all trees, shrubs, and plants. The bottom of the leaf is where mosquitoes call home, by targeting this area we can ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • This creates a barrier that kills insects on contact.

What can I do to reduce mosquitoes myself?

  • The best thing you can do is eliminate standing water
  • Mosquitos can breed in water as small as a button! Check your yard after a rain for standing water in areas like playgrounds, sandboxes, plastic toys, tarps, clogged gutters/downspouts, and plant saucers
  • Trim shrubs and mow lawn neatly to increase sunlight and reduce the amount of space they have to call home
  • Citronella torches and candles may help keep them away, but will not reduce the number


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